Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Low Key day....

Not too much to say today - had a pretty low key evening - My firecracker came back to VBS, but he wasn't very fire-crackery. He lost a game during game time and all of a sudden, he wouldn't talk and had a "headache". He was very sulky. Even though I'm not too sure about chasing kids all around, I REALLY don't like it when they are sulky!

Oh, I do remember one really funny story to share! We went to Bible Time first - that's the one that Sam teaches. And we were learning about the plagues that God brought down on Pharaoh. Well, Sam and Paula did kind of a Fear factor and Hot Potato. They had representatives of the plagues in brown bags and passed them around and when the music stopped you had to touch or eat whatever was in there. There were crickets and worms and cups for water that turned to blood. But the kids were so riled up, it was hard to tell them that the crickets stood for locusts, etc. For lice and flies, they had made up some rice and mixed raisins in with them that the kids had to eat! Well, after the first kid got Flies and Lice, Sam started being funny and saying Flied Lice! Well, he was just yelling "Flied Lice, Flied Lice" the whole time! Then we went to games and the pastor was leading that and he was going over the Plagues again. Asking for people to tell him what some of the plagues were - the kids started shouting out "Crickets!" And Randy was like - weeeelllll, there weren't crickets, but locusts and he goes on to explain locusts. Then a kid yells out - "Worms!" And Randy was like, weeeelllll, no there weren't any worms! And for the kicker, another kid yells out "Fried Rice!" And Randy just about died - he didn't know where that came from at all - he couldn't stop laughing - One of the plagues was NOT Fried Rice! One of our Seniors looks at me and we just started laughing - I hope Sam didn't get in trouble for not teaching these kids about the correct plagues! But at least everyone had a great time!!!

Anyway, that's about all!

Waiting for Summer to arrive in The Tundra!



Lori said...

I LOVE VBS!!! So funny!

Nicole said...

Ahh...I miss VBS.