Friday, June 5, 2009

Murphy's Law

Doesn't it say somewhere, maybe in Murphy's law, maybe not. But somewhere, doesn't it say that the minute you say wonderful and kind things about your dog, he'll run away that afternoon? For like a LONG time? Maybe it doesn't say that anywhere, but it's true. Seriously. That's the story of my life. I was a little hesitant to work on his kennel thinking that would jinx him into never coming home. But we figured we'd work on it anyway. Ok, this is what happened. Sam took me on a picnic yesterday and we brought the big T so he could run AROUND - not AWAY! Anyway, all of a sudden, we both look around and ask "What happened to Tonto?" Then we roll our eyes and start to get up and holler for him. It's a wonder the whole town of Mandan doesn't know Tonto, and US! So we drove all the way home to get Sam's phone in case someone called, and then came back and took a walk down the path yelling for him along the way, asking everyone if they had seen a yellow lab - No. None of them had seen him. The whole time, we are deciding which Vet to take him to in order to get neutered... Then we just gave up - and headed home. Here's another Murphy's Law, from somewhere. We decided to head into town to get a few supplies for working on his kennel and as soon as we are as far away from home as we could possibly get, there was a phone call - someone found Tonto - all the way back in Mandan. Now, honestly, there is a big relief that goes into a phone call like that, because no matter how mad you really are, you are always thinking he could be dead on the side of the road somewhere too.... So we rush back to their house to pick up the bad dog. Do you want to know how far he ran? Let me think - probably the equivalent to about 20 blocks! That's further than I had to go for jury duty! Some of you will remember that story - probably the top worst embarrassing moment of my life. Why I gave you a link to it, I'll never know, but I thought you might be able to handle a laugh or two today. After all, it is Friday!

So we worked on T's kennel till 11pm last night. It's looking really good. Man, I'll have to give Sambo some credit here. He's not what you would call the Construction Type, really. But he takes on these projects and deals with all the dilemmas that come along, just to make our yard more and more beautiful. Gotta love a man like that! I promise, I'll post pictures soon!

Now that we know we are having a little boy - who, by the way, woke up doing Riverdance this morning, it is so much easier to buy clothes at Rummage Sales! I went to one this morning because I was a little early leaving the house, and I could have stayed there all day. Anyway - it's fun when you can actually go to yard sales and be interested in the baby stuff....

Other than that, the Love of my life is out on the River this morning in search of the elusive fish - tune in some other day to find out if he actually caught one! :)

Enjoying a much cooler day in the Tundra (today's high's = maybe 60 - tomorrow's high = 40! Burrr!!!!)

Love, Sarah

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