Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not so much going on here....

The Lord held the rain off yesterday. It did rain a bit this morning and I'm just praying that the ground had a little time to dry out! Started on the massive mountain of laundry - still don't know the long term effects of wet floor - but you can keep praying!

I think the stress is getting to him.... Sambo, that is... Lots of you know that he has some pretty crazy and intense dreams. But usually they are after a big event, so I didn't even see this one coming. Also, on a side note - he did stub his toe while hauling out bucket loads of water, and it may be infected now - yuck! So anyway, back to my original story... We've had a pretty busy couple of days and I haven't gotten much sleep and last night I must have been in a VERY deep sleep, or so I thought. I did wake up to Sam laying in bed saying, He couldn't go to the Boundary Waters and no one was going to be able to go. I thought he was just dreaming again. But he wasn't slurring at all and talking normal. Then he says his toe is killing him and he's been throwing up and having diarrhea all night. That really woke me up! Then I noticed he'd put a shirt on - I mentioned that, and he said, Yeah, just in case someone stops by. I said, Someone might stop by in the middle of the night? He said, Yeah, I think I was dreaming that. But when he had mentioned getting sick, I checked his forehead and I was still a little out of it - I thought he had a fever, but he was just sweating... no fever. I said maybe you are dreaming. He said, No I'm not. I said, Well, it is weird because you are talking normal and he said that he's talking normal because he's awake like normal. So I started getting worried - there is no way he can take a bunch of kids on a trip when he was sick - then I prayed for him... I woke up off and on all through the night to check on him and every once in a while, he would actually get up out of bed and I would worry a little more... When I woke up this morning, I asked if he was feeling better and he said yes, but his toe still hurt.... And then right before I head off to work this morning, I said I just can't believe you were up all through the night and I didn't even know it! Then he tells me he thinks that was all a dream - he never did throw up or have diarrhea! Can you believe that?? And here I was loosing much needed sleep and praying over Sam's health issues, meanwhile, he doesn't even have a clue as he's sleeping there sound as a baby! Anyway, what is a girl to do?

Just thought I'd throw that out there and let you know that Sam is still up to his sleeping shenanigans!!! Have a great day!

Loosing sleep in the Tundra,


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Lori said...

That so cracks me up!!!