Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thought I'd enlighten you with more pictures....

You did it - you asked for it! Here is a picture of the... MANVAN!

Oh, and don't forget the Anti-theft system!

And so the other cars don't feel left out, here's my van...this beast took us 4,500 miles in one week!!!!

And the new kid on the block - we've yet to see what it can do! But for right now, we are more than content in the fact that it gets us around town safely and quickly! :)

But wait - who is this???

Oh, it's only Erik trying to get away from my stealth picture taking skills!!! Ha, I gotcha....twice!!!! HA!!!

Man, I'm good! Anyway, what else....

Well, as Erik would say - it's been kind of a fluff week for me. Not too much exciting stuff going on - I did get mutilated by some amazing Blongo Ball players last night. It's not really a memory I'd like to relive or even talk about, so please, stop bringing it up!!! Sorry, Tiffany! But I did get to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world last night - and had such a great time!

I did make some strawberry rhubarb jam yesterday - we'll see how it turns out - It all sealed, and that's a good sign! But other than that, not too much else going on. I'll try to get a picture of me when Sam comes back, so just hang in there! Thanks!

Getting ready for the heat in the Tundra,

Love, Sarah

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