Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ok folks - I really need your help on this one!

I'm trying to figure out our nursery. We already have a full size bed with a quilt on it in the room and are not planning on taking it out. (We need it for guests and I don't have anywhere to store a full size bed in the mean time.) I don't especially want to change to bedding set, but it's a little blah. It's got pinks, mauves, blues and probably oatmeal color is the back ground. So kind of blah. I wanted to work with it and do kind of an old fashioned prairie school theme. I was going to put up a large chalk board to put messages and scripture verses with colored chalk. But Sam thinks that is too blah. He thinks our baby needs some bright stimulating colors. I don't disagree, but I'm having kind of a difficult time figuring out what to do. I could turn the quilt backwards - the backside is the oatmeal background with dark blue outlined flowers. And then throw some red in there. Red is kind of the accent color all the way through our house. Here's another thing - the walls are kind of blah too - tan.

OK - bumper pads? Yes or no?

This sounds awful, I know, but I want to do minimal work as I think that once our baby gets old enough, we'll want to decorate however he wants to decorate, so I don't want to do elaborate stuff only to get painted over later on.

The most important things I want to include are scriptures for the walls. Beautiful art. Lots of access to books. And all the necessary parts.

Discombobulated in the Tundra!

Love, Sarah

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