Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here goes nothin'!!!!

Here is just an overview of our yard - It's coming out quite nicely due to all the rain!

Another view!

Here is our chicken mailbox. It's looking quite nice as the hydrangeas are actually coming back at the base of it and the rose is taking off really nicely! The morning glories got a late start this year, so they aren't over-taking all of it...yet, which is nice, in my opinion. If you'd like a different opinion, check with Sam. Here's the thing about our chicken mailbox. It's purpose is to hold our gardening shears and gloves for quick weeding and planting around the yard. Our normal mailbox is hooked onto the back of the house, but when we have substitute mail people, sometimes finding our mail is kind of like a scavenger hunt!

Looky here - another rose is blooming!!!

Here is a bakers rack we got from the Gerlachs. We painted it green and turned it into a potting bench and I really like it!

Tonto's unfinished kennel - but we will finish it - I think that it adds so much, it kind of ties the house and the garage together a little better! I was a little worried that the lattice would be too close and T wouldn't be able to see out, but I think he'll be fine. In fact.....

Look how much he likes it! We still have to put a gate on it and finish up some detail work along the back and side, but it's coming along!

Ahhh....the infamous pond - from all angles!

And because of the pond, here is how far my raised bed got this year!


and #2 didn't even get that far!

I guess I have some weeding to do! You probably can't tell, but those are strawberries, the biggest and best crop yet - after three years! So these are the only fruits we get this year, although I did plant some tomatoes in another spot and some herbs around the pond!

Are you sick of photo's yet?

Let's see what other treasures I have since I commandeered Sam's camera - Ahhh - the rattler Sam was poking with his finger the other day!

And a picture of the beautiful badlands while they are still green!

And finally... a picture of the Charlo Marlo kid as he took me on a date to the video store last night!

You can tell we had a great time!!!

Well, folks, that's all for now - isn't it enough?? That should make up for the last few months of me and all my talk of our yard projects. I do have a couple more photos coming this week, but will be Thursday at the earliest! Isn't it fun getting pictures WITH my great commentary? If you like this and want more of it - bombard Sam's inbox with messages telling him how nice it would be for Sarah to have a camera of her very own! scoleman@btinet.net - I dare you!!! :)

Keeping it real in the Tundra,



Lori said...

It hardly makes up for the months of no pictures, because you are not in a single one!! I guess I will take what I can get though. The pond is lovely, as is the picket fence with flowers. So french country. Love it and u!

Rhonda said...

What a pretty yard. Was the snake in your yard too? Adds a nisssssse touch. When are you gonna post pics of your little belly? I bet you are beautiful. ;)