Friday, June 12, 2009

Just to ease your minds....

after much agony and mind altering, though provoking deliberation - I've come to a conclusion. I just have to change some stuff. #1 - the bed has got to go. It's too big and just takes up too much space, so in it's place, we'll be looking for a fold out couch or daybed... #2 - Got to paint. I realized the tan just drains me - it's like the most boring of all colors - it's not even a color - it's just tan. So we've got a bunch of yellow left over from another project, we'll be painting it yellow and that way, we can incorporate whatever bright colors we want! Sam picks red for the accent color. So that's how that goes. I went to JoAnn's for some fabric inspiration and didn't find any for the crib skirt. But praise the Lord, He's provided a crib! We just have to go and pick it up! Another wonderful family from church has finished having kids and they are ready to get their crib out of their house! God is so good to us for providing so much! Without the bed in there, I'll have room to make a book/toy section, still have room for a rocking chair (which I have to recover) and a dresser! It's coming together quite a bit better than yesterday! But I still would appreciate your thoughts. I have a perfect space above my closet that I think I'll write a verse with maybe some bumble bees - whatever is bright and colorful - it's definitely jiving quite a bit better with me!

On another note - My mom just called and her surgery is scheduled for July 1st. I have a few prayer requests:

1. Peace
2. Wisdom
3. That they will still be able to go to Alaska in August.
4. Quick Recovery
5. And however else the Lord leads you to pray!


Other than that, still looking for opinions from all you experts out there - should I have bumper pads on the crib? I've read a couple different opinions on the subject. But I'm going to make them, so I need to figure out if I need to worry about it at all! :)

Enjoying the most perfect beautiful day in the Tundra,


PS. Just for the record - I beat Paige, Tiffany, Bridget, Erik, Sam and Morgan at Ultimate Solitaire last night. Ok, so it's true that most of them had never played before, but I've got to take my moment. Thank you, thank you very much!

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